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When you are searching for a lawyer cum friend who understands your situation and suggests the right course of action in the given circumtances, then who would be better then Adv. KUNAL BHAWAR to get the best legal advice on any legal matter. Here You will get highly personalized and professional service to protect right as a citizen.


set up 1971, the growth of vaish associates, advocates("fire") is a glowing tribute to its founder, late mr. o.p. vaish. his visionary leadership , mentoring and hard word has helped the form emerge as one of the better known law firms in the country. since its inception...


My passion is to bring the light of justice to all sections of society and create an atmosphere where our future generations can blossom without any kind of fear.

Are you seeking justice? I am here to help you out!!


Design And Patent Attorney

A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. So don't allow anyone to steal your hard work and file for the patent now. If you also want to secure technical information about the invention then you can contact us.

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Copyright is a form of legal protection that grants an exclusive right to use and distribute any particular work to the creator. Copyright applies to a wide range of creative works, including literature, music, film, and software. If you are also seeking such legal protection then you can connect with us.

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Bar code

A barcode is a machine-readable representation of data that is used to encode information such as product names, prices, and quantities. It is commonly used in retail settings to track inventory and in other industries to track and manage information. You can connect with us to get expert assistance.

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ISO consultants

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental organization that develops standards. Businesses need ISO certification to establish credibility in the market. If you are looking for ISO certification then call us now.

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Trademark registration provides the right to sue others who try to copy your brand name or business identity and prevents others from using a similar trademark to the one registered by you. So get your trademark registered with us now.

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Litigation Matters of banks and FI's- DRT and NCLT

There are several laws available in the judicial system that regulate the process of debt recovery. If you are also seeking legal assistance in DRT and NCLT then you can connect us to get expert advice.

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My Profile


I was born and brought up in Indore and completed my academics at prestigious educational institutes. In 2020 I completed LLB honors and LLM honors from the government's New Law College Indore. As for as my work experience is concerned, I am a Legal Advisor at Infograins Software Solutions and
NGO NHRCCB. Now practicing in the high court of MP Indore branch and previously worked in the District and Session Court Indore and Shajapur MP.

I am associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and had worked in the Delhi assembly 2020 elections for BJP with Framefox Mumbai. And also had a vital role in the 2019 Haryana assembly elections. Along with that in the assembly elections and general elections of Lok Sabha of 2018, I worked in Madhya Pradesh also.

Along with Law, I have a deep interest in theater and scriptwriting. I collaborated as an anchor with various organizations. Besides being an advocate I have a deep interest in writing and I had worked as a head content writer and voice-over artist at Prime Effect and FrameFox Media.


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Adv. KUNAL BHAWAR is an expert lawyer in the city known to have an impressive track record in family law, business law, criminal law, property law, divorce law and other legal matters.

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